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    Thank You To This Random Woman For Keeping Things So Wholesome On This Extremely Un-Wholesome Photo That Jason Derulo Instagrammed

    How lovely.

    I would like to warn anybody that is currently in an office meeting or showing their parents how to close tabs on the internet, to be careful when looking at the following picture that Jason Derulo instagrammed.

    Honestly I will not say much because tbh the picture itself says it all! Zoom at ur own risk.

    But in a world of thirst, I'd like to thank Marina Bitsch. The random lady in the comments of this Instagram who I can only say must be an angel sent from heaven. Because on this photo, seen above and which I'm now showing you again...

    ...she chose to comment this:

    A comment that brought a tear to my eye. Even Jason Derulo himself had to acknowledge it.

    TRULY MARINA IS A BETTER PERSON THAN US ALL!!!! And also she's not wrong.

    Thank you Marina for being a guiding light and showing us the way.

    H/T @Commentsbycelebs