Thank You Martha Stewart For All 20 Extremely Close Up Pics Of Your Teeth At The Dentist

    Really, thank you.

    This morning I was browsing Instagram when I came across this image in my feed, posted by Martha Stewart. Obviously I was intrigued. An extremely close up pic of her mouth? I needed to know more.

    Then I read the caption. Ah HA! Martha is suffering from natural erosion of the edges of her teeth (which are all hers mind you!!!) and she decided to visit her cosmetic dentist to add some bonding.

    And she didn't just post that one pic of her mouth...she posted TEN (!!!!!!) whole pics of the process.

    The close up mouth pic.

    This pic.

    This one.

    Whatever is happening here.

    This pic.

    This pic too.

    This pic.

    More of this.

    A little bit of that.

    And also this.

    I felt satisfied and informed. But then I read her caption again and saw this at the end:

    EXSQUEEZE ME?!?!?!?! I thought those were all the steps, but now Martha was telling me to be patient and wait for ANOTHER POST about her teeth to get educated about the rest of the steps??? How could I be patient at a time like this???

    Well thank the fricken lordt that I didn't have to wait very long cause Martha came through with the rest of the steps AND ten more close up pics of her teeth!!!!!!!!!!




    There it is.

    That's how it's done!

    Time for the cotton!

    More of this.

    And finally, the work is done!

    In conclusion, what she said: