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Television Sets Are Ready To Change Your World

Trash those radios ladies and gents, televisions are here to stay! Most of these babies get a whopping 5 channels! Get one now in time for President Eisenhowers next speech!

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First let's look at all the new models...

Full black and white picture!

Only 279 lbs!

This one goes great with formica.$T2eC16V,!)sE9swmZwfKBP85iW!w0Q~~60_57.JPG

This one is portable.

The dial on this one will make it easy to change the channel.

At $370.00 you might need to work extra hours to pay the bill!

But it's worth it...

This one even has space for other things, like books.

But don't forget to put these antennas on your television set...

And this big one on your roof. It's the only way to get reception.

But once that is done, the television will be fun for the whole family!

So gather around...

Call your family into the den...

And show off your new electronics!

Like these guys

And this kid.

And these two!

Soon enough you'll see Marlon Brando in your own living room!

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