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    The Worst Part About The Final Episode Of "Game Of Thrones" Was Brienne Not Letting The Ink Dry

    Ser Jaime Smudge.

    Last night was the series finale of Game Of Thrones. The last episode ever. Like, it's over. DUNZO. KAPUT. And while there were lots of things that made me scratch my head and say what the fuck, the biggest and most problematic part of the entire episode had nothing to do with us still not knowing who does Dany's braids.

    It was when Brienne was writing in that encyclopedia of Knights and didn't let her ink dry!!!!! THAT SHIT'S GONNA SMUDGE.

    Yes, Brienne dipped ye olden pen into that ink...

    And then started writing.

    Then she flipped the page without waiting for one gosh darn second.

    The ink barely dried!!


    Yet, she turned the page over, and started writing on the back of said page. Leaving the ink on the other side to most likely just turn to smooshed words.

    I mean, this ain't no BIC pen!! That was inky ink!

    Then she closed the book again, right after finishing her second page of writing in fresh, liquidy ink.

    And I'm telling you, one day someone is gonna open that book, want to know a bit about Jaime Lannister, and find this as his bio:

    Even in a fantasy show, some things I just can not accept. Goodbye forever GOT.