Taylor Swift Made Ed Sheeran A Needlepoint With A Drake Quote On It

Found on Taylor’s Etsy store. Just kidding, there is no Taylor Swift Etsy store, but there should be.

1. This is Ed Sheeran pointing at a needlepoint made for him by friend Taylor Swift.

2. It’s a Drake quote, “Started from the bottom, now we here.”

3. It also includes a mini Taylor and Ed, talking about their favorite things (Legos, cats and music).

4. Another quote by Ed. “The struggle is real.”

5. And Ed and Taylor in a polaroid picture, swaggin.

6. Taylor responded to the reveal of her needlepoint by saying this, to which Ed responded perfectly.

Via MTV.com, from Ed Sheeran’s Documentary, 9 Days and Nights Of Ed Sheeran.

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