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    Molly Ringwald Asked To Be Friends With Taylor Swift, And Taylor Granted Her Wish

    Two clubs, one Taylor.

    Molly Ringwald, from the The Breakfast Club (and other iconic teen movies from the '80s) was presenting the performance of "Don't You Forget About Me" when she made a confession...


    Since Taylor Swift literally makes dreams come true, when the camera cut to the audience Taylor had already granted Molly's wish.

    Taylor took Molly under her wing and gave her the blessing of her friendship.

    The two danced/stood together for the entire song.

    Molly even got some arm-around-the-shoulder time.

    And at the end of the performance Taylor took out her phone. WAS SHE GETTING MOLLY'S NUMBER? TAKING A SELFIE? SHOWING OFF HER CANDY CRUSH SCORE?

    We might never know the answer to that question. But what we do know is that Taylor Swift has been granting wishes since 1989 (when we all wished for a pop star who loves to bake, and then whoosh, she was born.)