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    Taylor Swift And Beyoncé's Friendship Continued At A Justin Timberlake Concert

    Tayoncé is real.

    Last night Justin Timberlake had a concert and Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Jay Z, and Haim were all in attendance. We know they all hung out at Taylor's b-day party a couple nights earlier, and now the friendship is really blossoming.

    The following is a video in which Taylor Swift sings Beyoncé's husband's song to BEYONCÉ. And Beyoncé seems to sing back. And then dance and make friendly faces.

    That's Taylor and that's Beyoncé. They are singing to each other. The voice recording of this moment will go double platinum if someone was smart enough to mic them.

    As mentioned earlier, Haim was also there. Watch as Danielle, Alana, and Este do some kind of hula dance while Bey and Jay stand in the background.

    And here's a creepier vid from further back to give you a general vibe of how special this moment is.

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