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Taylor Swift And Her "Bad Blood" Squad Re-Created Her Video At The 1989 World Tour

With costumes and everything.

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This is a photo taken at the exact moment something truly spectacular happened during Taylor Swift's 1989 Tour when it came to New Jersey.

Larry Busacca

When Taylor performed "Bad Blood," she brought out some of her assassin crew from the "Bad Blood" music video to join her onstage.

Lily Aldrige, aka Frostbyte, was there.

Gigi Hadid, aka Slay-Z, was there.

Hailee Steinfeld, aka The Trinity, was there.

Lena Dunham, aka Lucky Fiori, was there.

And obviously Taylor, as Catastrophe and also HBIC.

Then the BBS (Bad Blood Squad) walked.

Like, walked hard. They strutted the fuck out of that runway.

And then they loved each other because the moment was beautiful, and perfect.

Larry Busacca

And they hugged and chatted.

And generally were like, "That was awesome, we are awesome, life is great."

Because they are and it was.

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