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21 Struggles Only Taylor Swift's Best Friends Will Understand

This life is hard.

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1. That you are her best friend. But one of many.

2. So you have to be cool with not being the ~only~ best friend.

3. You have to learn to share her best friendship.

4. Because there are other best friends.

5. But you are the ~one true~ best friend (probably.)

6. Sometimes you just have to ignore her when she's doing her thing because it's the best option.

7. It's hard to look at instagram because you might see one of the other best friends.

8. So you keep deleting the app because you don't even want to see the photos.

Hi Ina Garten.

9. But then Taylor texts you and you're like "OK I'm her real best friend."

10. But then you're like, "wait, am I? Cause why is she doing fun things with Cara Delevingne without me???"

11. Sometimes Taylor will try to take credit for your creative outlets and you have to fav her tweet even if you don't really want to.

I don't mean to be all 'me, me, me' but I'm pretty sure this is my fault. @lordemusic

Taylor Swift@taylorswift13Follow

I don't mean to be all 'me, me, me' but I'm pretty sure this is my fault.


2:19 PM - 18 Sep 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

12. But you can't stay mad, and then you see her instagram about someone else your heart sinks a bit because it's one of the other best friends.

13. And why are they at a cooking class together without you??

14. And WTF does TGIF mean, is that some sort of inside joke???

15. You have to deal with her taking pics with a bunch of other people who aren't you.

16. And going on TV to be with other people even though you invited her over to watch Sex And The City reruns.

17. You constantly have to worry about her getting in trouble with the law.

18. You are always anxious about what best friend she's with at the moment.

19. When you can't make it to her garden parties you have serious FOMO.

20. And when you don't get a good seat in a group picture you get pissed about it.

21. And finally, you always have to look good because she'll probably take a picture of you when you aren't ready and post it online and everyone will see it and you're a cat.

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