Street Style Surveys: How Much Does Your Outfit Cost?

We asked the fashionistas outside the tents at Lincoln Center to tell us how much they spent getting dressed up for a day’s NYFW shows. Here’s what they said.

1. Some gave us cold hard numbers:

4. $350 was an oddly popular figure.

7. And some gave us higher cold hard numbers:

Each outfit cost 5,000 Norwegian krone, which is approximately $900.


11. There’s big money in the handbag business.

14. And in the shoe market, too.

15. Some folks wouldn’t divulge…

16. Or they were proud of their finds.

18. Or, then again, maybe they just didn’t need to spend a dime.

19. Here’s Padma Lakshmi, who credits “friendship” for her dress:

20. And then there was us. Lili worked hard for that bag.

21. And so did I!

22. But in the end maybe it doesn’t matter how much the clothes cost, because like this guy said:

“Style is priceless”

—All photos taken by Lauren Yapalater and Lili Salzberg for BuzzFeed.

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