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    I Literally Have No Idea Why Everyone Is Obsessed With Barb From "Stranger Things"

    Spoiler alert: This post spoils some stuff.

    Hello there. Like most of the population of the world, I just finished Stranger Things. LOVED IT. GREAT SHOW. A+, Hollywood.

    But after watching, reading some stuff, and listening to some peeps, I kept hearing one thing: BARB.

    Barb this!

    Barb that!

    Barb is the best! BLAH BLAH BLAH, BARB.


    Yup. I said it. And if you think otherwise, then you're on the wrong side of history.

    Let's start with the obvious: Barb was literally in like six minutes of the show. I'm talking approx. six minutes out of eight hourlong episodes!! THAT'S NOTHING.

    I get it, she is Nancy's best friend, etc. etc. But...she was just kind of there.

    And she was only there until she disappeared in the SECOND EPISODE.

    The second episode! Like, who even cares! SORRY, dead Barb!!

    And I know that it's sad that Barb went missing. I feel for Barb's family (if they even care??). But also, clearly Barb was just a plot device!

    That's right...

    Not even a real character, I say!!!!!!!!!!

    I mean, all the GIFs and stuff from this post had to be gathered from only a select few parts of the show because like I said, she was barely in it!


    And while we're talking about Barb (because this whole post is about her)... Why does she care if Nancy got a new bra or not? Let her wear a new stinkin' bra if she wants to!!

    In conclusion: Barb wasn't that great. That's all. Bye!