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    Sansa Stark Has A Sausage Reviewing Instagram That We Must Not Let Die

    NSFV (vegetarians).

    You probably know Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark from Game Of Thrones.


    But did you know that besides being a Stark, she is also a sausage lover?


    And this is evident by her secret but not-really-secret Instagram account devoted to reviewing and rating sausages she has eaten.

    Now, I don't know if you remember, but in the summer of 2017, it was revealed that Lorde had a secret onion ring reviewing Instagram.

    Unfortunately after all the hullabaloo about it, she stopped rating her onion rings, and I was sad about it! Famous people should be able to rate whatever fried foods they wanna rate!!

    And now I beg of Sophie to never stop rating sausages because this girl right here is a sausage connoisseur!!!

    Her first review was of this sausage at Heathrow Airport. It got a 7/10.

    In her second review she gave these baby sausage patties an 8/10.

    But don't be fooled into thinking she has no sausage standards and is just handing out high grades. SHE ISN'T. This dish got a 2/10.

    And this one got a 4/10.

    And after giving out a 6.5/10 to this LA patty...

    She wisely said this:

    It's true! Not every sausage is a 10, and Sophie would know!!

    However, she has given out one 9.5. to this sauce and sausage combo. It doubles as her highest and most raving review, and also sadly, her last review to date...which was in APRIL.

    That's right. Sophie hasn't rated any sausages in months. MONTHS I SAY! And I am here to beg her to start reviewing those meat sacks again. It is our responsibility as good citizens of this planet to not let what happened to Lorde happen to Sophie.

    If not for Sophie, then at least for the sausages. GOODBYE!

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