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Someone Found Footage Of The Making Of Those Disney Channel Wand IDs And They Are Incredible

I'll only be watching these videos for the rest of 2016 and probably most of 2017.

Remember during the "commercials" on Disney Channel when your fave Disney stars would intro themselves and then use their magic Disney wand to air-draw some giant Mickey Mouse ears?

Well, turns out the "making of" footage of those wand segments are BETTER THAN ANY DISNEY CHANNEL ORIGINAL MOVIE EVER CREATED.

Thanks to @Hollylikeablvd who tweeted out a bunch of the videos, we can watch Raven-Symoné creating her wand ID.

And after the 175th time of having her do it, this was her response:

Hilary Duff's is also part of this found treasure:

She was just drawing a bunch of squiggles...

...until she realized she was supposed to be drawing mouse ears.


Because there are lit'rally dozens of these videos. Like this one with America Ferrera:

America Ferrera (aka Ugly Betty). She's FAR from ugly & such a sweet girl ❤️

With Lalaine:

Lalaine (Lizzie McGuire's bff). The way she draws the logo has me dying 💀

With Jake Thomas, who struggled at the start but pushed through:

View this video on YouTube

With Tia and Tamera Mowry:

View this video on YouTube

Zenon herself, Kirsten Storms:

View this video on YouTube

Tahj Mowry:

View this video on YouTube


You can find me rewatching these for the next four years, and here's a handy playlist of all 15 videos uploaded by the editing company that worked on them.