32 Impossibly Smart But Simple Designs That Scream, “How Did We Not Think Of That Sooner?”

    Brilliant, just brilliant.

    1. A beer bucket with a built in beer opener:

    2. A cereal box with two sleeves of cereal, so that it doesn't get stale too quickly:

    3. A designated place to put your scoop so it doesn't get lost in all the powder:

    4. A smart but simple feature so that you don't end up with misaligned buttons:

    5. Also handy for adults:

    6. A map on your cart in the store, so you know what aisle to go to for what:

    7. Tiny little blinds for a realistic sample:

    8. Garbage bins that are easy to toss things into while on bike:

    9. A way to make building furniture less stressful and more streamlined:

    10. A very handy way to measure oil without dirtying a spoon:

    11. An environmentally friendly and useful park bench feature:

    12. A little roof so that your bike seat stays dry in case of rain:

    13. A movable backseat so that you can choose what view you want on a bench:

    14. An overpass for animals, so they can cross the highway without worrying about cars:

    15. A very convenient surface to roll your bike down steps, rather than carry it or bounce it down the stairs:

    16. A labeled empanada, so you never have to wonder what's inside:

    17. A specialized taco container for traveling with your tacos:

    18. An ingredient list that actually tells you their purposes:

    19. A spoon feature that won't leave you digging in your soup for your spoon:

    20. A pitcher that holds ice to keep your beer cool but not watery:

    21. Specific tape that reflects what's inside, so there's no mystery:

    22. Bedsheets that are labeled with what side is the top/bottom or sides, so you don't have to spend hours spinning it around to find what fits:

    23. Traffic lights that really light up so there's no confusion on what color it is:

    24. A built-in stand for your puzzle box so you can see it upright while working on it:

    25. A spatula that comes with its own counter rest:

    26. These pills that can be easily split into thirds or halves:

    27. And this bench, that's on tracks, so you can move yourself to the shady area:

    28. A pleasing design to make shopping a better experience:

    29. A very cute single-serve olive oil packet:

    30. Packaging that lets you test out what size you'd need:

    31. A tab that lets you open the plastic packaging without fighting with it for 20 minutes:

    32. And finally, a bathroom stall with no crack in the door, so you can actually do your business in private: