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    Here's All The Info You're Probably Curious About For The Contestants On Netflix's "Single's Inferno"

    I stan So-yeon.

    Hi, I'm obsessed with Single's Inferno on Netflix.

    It's a Korean dating show that placed a dozen singles on an island with no amenities, but if they match up with someone, they get to spend the night in "Paradise" (aka, a hotel). This is what their little off-the-grid life looks like:

    According to Yahoo, the island is Saseungbong-do, just off the coast of Incheon, a city near Seoul. And "paradise" is The Paradise Hotel in Incheon.

    They have hosts commentating on everything happening. Personally, I love her.

    Honestly, just watch the show if you aren't already. And here are all the contestants and the little info I know about them.

    Kang So-yeon is 34 years old.

    She is the CEO of Hit Fit Boxing and the athleisure company GoodRound.

    She has 424K followers on Instagram.

    On Jin-taek is 30.

    He is the CEO of this menswear brand, Ascottage.

    I don't know his actual Instagram, but he is always modeling his own clothes, which makes sense because he looks good doing it.

    Song Ji-a is 25.

    She has a cute dog.

    And she's a YouTuber and has 2 MILLION (!!) followers on Instagram.

    Kim Hyeon-joong is 28.

    As we know, he is a model and works out a lot.

    He has 464K followers on Instagram.

    An Yea-won is 27.

    She has done fitness competitions and is a personal trainer and model.

    She has over 400K followers on Instagram.

    Choi Si-hun is 30.

    He's a designer for the brand Hoten, which is the combination of the words "Hot Entrance."

    He has almost 600K followers on Instagram.

    Shin Ji-yeon is 25.

    She is studying nueroscience at the University of Toronto (in Canada).

    According to the bio on her Instagram, her old one got hacked, so she started a new one and currently has 33K followers.

    Kim Jun-sik is 28.

    He is the owner of a health food brand called Kamee. Here he is doing an interview about it.

    He has 84K followers on Instagram.

    Moon Se-hoon's age is currently unknown (by me).

    His Instagram says nothing about what he does in real life.

    There are literally only 15 pictures on it, but he has almost 200K followers.

    Kim Su-min is ageless because I don't know how old she is.

    I also don't reallyyy know what she does.

    But she has an Instagram, and this is it!!!

    Seong Min-ji is 24.

    She's an influencer/model and has a twin sister who was in a KFC commercial with Kim Su-min!!!!!

    She has justtt about 77K followers on Instagram.

    And finally, Cha Hyun-seung is 30.

    He's a dancer/model and has posted tonnnsssss of vlogs on YouTube.

    He has 616K followers on instagram.