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    Jul 16, 2013

    19 Signs You Went To Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry


    1. This is you IRL the day you got your invitation:

    2. You totally said "LEVIOSAR" like a newb.

    3. At least once you really had to go to the bathroom but couldn't because Moaning Myrtle was being a huge cry baby in the next stall.

    4. You remember when this troll came in the school because you shat your pants that day:

    5. The first time going through this you were like, "Mom, for real? I'm gonna break my nose!"

    6. This is what was on your bedside table:

    7. The day you got sorted was the most anxious you've ever been in your life.

    8. You've stumbled back to school after getting wasted in Hogsmeade at least once:

    9. You lost your virginity at the Yule Ball.

    10. You could NEVER remember the password to get past the portrait:

    11. You got confused on these stairs and ended up missing for three days your first year:

    12. You would think you reserved a room but then it turned out you hadn't. UGHH!!

    13. You puked the first time you used a portkey.

    14. Playing or watching Quidditch was more important than family.

    15. You'll never forget your first Patronus.

    16. You were forced into wearing earmuffs for the Mandrakes even though they made your hair look bad:

    17. You always had a feeling Neville would surprise everyone:

    18. The one time you used the Room of Requirement, it gave you a bar of soap and you were personally offended.

    19. Even if you almost died countless times, it was still the best school on earth.

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