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    Sep 18, 2015

    Serious Question: Did Reese Witherspoon Give Birth To Herself?

    I need answers!

    Everyone gather around and take a seat. We need to discuss a serious matter. I have a burning question that I need answered. Are you seated? OK.

    The question is, did Reese Witherspoon actually give birth to herself????

    Maybe you've never thought to ask yourself that question, because it seems physically and scientifically impossible to give birth to yourself once you are a human and exist in this world. But honestly, I'm starting to wonder.

    First of all, can you even tell which woman here is Reese and which is her daughter, Ava?

    I'll give you a hint. This is Ava:

    And this is Reese:

    Or is this Ava?

    And this is Reese?

    Or are they both Reese (bringing me back to the original theory that actually Reese birthed herself)?

    Also, this is Reese when she was younger:

    And this is "Ava" aka cloned Reese (left) in present day, as a young person:

    I'm not saying that some funny science stuff is happening around here, but I'm also not NOT saying that there are two Reese Witherspoons on this planet right now.

    Anyway, bye!

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