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    Seems To Me Like Kim Kardashian Basically Stole Her Friend's Bearded Dragon And Now North Is Dressing It In Matching Outfits

    They bought a zoo.

    Today, Kim Kardashian announced the addition of Speed to their family:

    Meet the newest member of our family...Speed. I really wasn’t planning on liking Speed the way I do but she grew on me! Speed was really my BFF Allison’s and we babysat for a week and she never left and it’s been months!

    Twitter: @KimKardashian

    Speed is a bearded dragon.

    Speed wearing a cozy, hooded pullover that matches one that North West is wearing

    A bearded dragon who wears matching clothes with North.

    North holding Speed and posing for a picture

    But I have questions about Speed.

    Apparently, Speed the bearded dragon belonged to Kim's BFF Allison, and the Kardashian family was babysitting it for a week...

    ...HOWEVER, for unknown reasons, Speed never left (why??), and now it has been months with Speed living in the Kardashian home.

    So now, since Speed has stuck around for so long because either 1) Kim has abducted Speed or 2) Speed was abandoned, Speed now belongs to the Kardashians and is being forced to wear the Skims Cozy Knit Pullover.

    I do not see "lizard size" listed here, so it must be custom made.

    Honestly, if any lizard (or human) was going to be adopted, seems like the Kardashian house would be a nice choice. Remember their playroom????

    Anyway, congrats on finding fame and fortune, Speed Kardashian!! That sweater looks great on you <3.