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Seeing The "Game Of Thrones" Cast As Normal Humans Is Still Completely Mesmerizing

Thank god they'll be back in their body dirt and armour on Sunday.

Arya hanging out with a DJ-ing Hodor:

Sansa using a piece of modern technology called the iPhone while mimicking herself:

Cersei and Joffrey being giggly:

Arya and Bran in common clothes:

And Greyjoy, Jon Snow, Sam, and Bran in fancy tuxes:

Shae photobombing Sam:

Bran and Hodor at a basketball game:

And Jon Snow at a hockey game:

Cersei hula-hooping:

And Tyrion following in his sister's steps:

And then riding a Razor scooter:

Sansa and Shae actually being friends:

And Shae and Varys taking selfies:

Joffrey embracing Brienne of Tarth and Ser Loras lovingly:

Sansa, Margaery, Arya, and Oberyn goofing off:

Varys with hair:

Jon Snow drinking a cup o' joe...

...and having Tyrion hide in his cape...

...and Danaerys pet it:

Boys from all over Westeros and Dorne snuggled up on a couch:

Joffrey and Sansa not wanting to kill each other:

Same goes for Jon Snow and Jaime Lannister:

Hodor taking a selfie with the ressurected Khal Drogo:

Tywin Lannister having a rational conversation with Brienne of Tarth:

And Tywin Lannister just being fabulous:

Melisandre meeting Jesse Pinkman:

And The Hound, being, not so houndy: