31 Sea Creatures That Are Cool, Weird, And Absolutely Terrifying

    I'll stay on land for now.

    1. This hungry sea cow:

    What the:

    2. This sea cucumber, which is devouring everything around it:

    No thank you!

    3. Whatever this thing is:

    Lordt help us:

    4. This seemingly grumpy frogfish:


    5. This feather star:

    Cool, but definitely an alien:

    6. This sea angel:

    He's beautiful, but I just don't trust it.

    7. Whatever the hell this shadow monster is:

    Do not like:

    8. This gulper eel and its very large mouth:


    9. This fish raver:

    10. This screaming fish:


    11. This starfish:

    Too. many. legs.

    12. This tiny crab that can travel at the speed of light:

    Nothing with claws should move that fast.

    13. The sand dollar, because toooo many tiny moving things:


    14. This oarfish and all of its tentacles:

    Unsettling to me.

    15. This jellyfish. Again, too many tentacles.

    Would not want touching my foot.

    16. This octopus that is a master of disguise:

    Too sneaky.

    17. This phantom jellyfish, or what I am now calling, a sea dementor:

    Immediately no.

    18. This mother of all daddy long legs, but of the sea:

    Even more no.

    19. The snailfish:

    Do not want to swim next to this.

    20. This multi-legged sea blob:

    Kinda cute actually, but too many legs for a blob.

    21. This nightclub of jellyfish:

    Too trippy.

    22. This confused hairy frogfish:


    23. This squid which I think is a sea spirit:


    24. This carpet shark with a large mouth:

    Staying away.

    25. This worm that can grow up to 10 feet long:


    26. The basking shark:

    Absolutely not.

    27. The vampire squid, aka the blob of fear:

    I'm scared.

    28. A basket starfish: