Scott Speedman: Still Hot

Remember when he played Ben on Felicity? Well now he’s on ABC’s Last Resort and he’s still looking reallllll good.

3. Still hot.

Fred Prouser / Reuters

FameFlynet Pictures

5. Hot with long hair:

Via gq.com

6. Shorter hair:

7. And with even shorter hair.

9. Mmmmhmmmm, there it is!

10. No shortage of hot here.

11. He’s chock full of it!

12. Doesn’t even have to try.

FameFlynet Pictures

13. Hot while leaning on this wall:

14. And while wearing this straw hat:

15. Just livin’ looking like this.

FameFlynet Pictures

16. And this…

FameFlynet Pictures

17. And THIS.

FameFlynet Pictures

18. In conclusion the thesis was correct. Scott Speedman: Still hot.


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