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    Say Hello To Larry King's Two Hot Sons

    Hello there Cannon and Chance.

    This is my man, Larry King.

    Joma / nohofoto / BACKGRID

    And this is my man, Larry King, with two of his sons, who happen to be hot.

    Rope / PER / BACKGRID

    Their names? Funny you should ask. They are Cannon and Chance King.

    Rope / PER / BACKGRID

    And, your eyes doth not deceive you. They...are very good lookin' guys!

    First let's take a look at Chance.

    Chance has very blue eyes.

    And likes to stay fit.

    Also he's good at making sultry faces.

    Nice to meet you, Chance!!

    And now, let's meet Cannon.

    He likes to stare off into the distance.

    And he looks good in hats.

    Also he's a baseball dude. Meaning, he plays baseball.

    A hot jock, WHODA THUNK!!!

    So yeah, now you know about Cannon and Chance King.

    YA DONE GOOD, LARRY! Ya done good.

    Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

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