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I'm Obsessed With Sarah Paulson And Holland Taylor's Adorable Relationship


I've brought you here today to talk about my fave couple of the century: Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor.

The couple at a red carpet event
Axelle / FilmMagic / Getty Images

AKA my queens.

Sarah and Holland touching cheeks
Bruce Glikas / FilmMagic / Getty Images

I'm obsessed with them and their relationship.

Sarah dressed as a panda and Holland dressed as a joker
Gilbert Carrasquillo / GC Images / Getty Images

It's confusing, though, because I want to be them, but I also want them to adopt me.

Screenshot from Sarah's IG story showing the two of them standing together in a hallway and looking at each other with "I love you" heart balloons on the side

Either way, every time I see something that they post or say about each other, I am filled with joy and warmth.


Like, this is how you proclaim your love for someone on the internet:

All roads lead me to this face, those eye, that soul. You are, quite simply - everything to me"

And I know social media isn't ~real~, but THIS IS REAL. THIS IS VERY REAL!!!!!

And I know because, look at them:

The couple looking at each other as they stand for photographers at a red carpet event
Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images

This gaze.

The couple standing together and gazing lovingly at each other and smiling
Bruce Glikas / Getty Images

These looks.

The couple smiling at each other
Gregg Deguire / FilmMagic / Getty Images

It almost feels wrong to witness such a moment.

The couple holding purses and smiling at each other
Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images

They make me believe that true love exists, and that's big, considering that I'm confident I'll be alone forever.

Twitter: @HollandTaylor

But the two of them are always supporting each other, and it gives me hope. Sarah is always bragging about Holland.

20 Joan Moments On Netflix's “The Chair” That Reminds Us That Holland Taylor Is The GOAT via @yecats_nguyen

Twitter: @MsSarahPaulson

And Holland is always bragging about Sarah.

Twitter: @HollandTaylor

And even though they are famous, they seem like two normal people who just really, really enjoy each other.

Exchange on Twitter: Cher saying hi, Holland saying "Cher!!!! we wave and yell that we love you EVERY time we drive by your house," and Sarah saying "This is a stone cold fact"

And think the other is the greatest person in the world!

I love your mind @HollandTaylor yup yup yup

Twitter: @MsSarahPaulson

It's nice.

Screenshot from Sarah's IG story showing a picture of Holland with the words "Tell me who is more beautiful than this person; fight me" and "I love you so, so hard, like the most, ever" in a heart

And sweet.

Twitter: @HollandTaylor

And overall, I love their vibe.

Twitter: @MsSarahPaulson

Simply put: I can't.

@MsSarahPaulson I don't deserve it, but I'm holding on tight!!! Thank you, my Love, for the bounty that is you.

Twitter: @HollandTaylor

I CANNOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

@MsSarahPaulson oh my GOD, what a BEAUTIFUL tweet at the end of the longest DAY!! LOVE U to the moon & I'm coming BACK with it as a prezzie

Twitter: @HollandTaylor

If they ever break up, I will die! DIE, I SAY!!!!

Twitter: @MsSarahPaulson

Two smart and beautiful women together and in love.

Sarah and Holland standing together and smiling
Allen Berezovsky / Getty Images

A win for the lesbians :)

Sarah and Holland walking on the sidewalk hand in hand and looking up
Robert Kamau / GC Images / Getty Images

I love to see it.

Kevin Mazur / Getty Images