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    Posted on Mar 19, 2017

    Is It Just Me Or Are Sarah Jessica Parker's Instagram Captions Tranquil AF

    So zen.

    Hello my friend. You've just entered a place of zen. Because this post is filled with Sarah Jessica Parker's Instagrams, which happen to be the most tranquil things on earth. Let me explain.

    Basically, no matter what the picture is of, Sarah Jessica Parker's Instagram captions are soothing.



    Rike_ / Getty Images

    Because they literally all end with "X, sj."


    Which for some reason makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


    *sighs deeply*

    Lordrunar / Getty Images

    It's X, sj this.


    So nice.

    Valio84sl / Getty Images

    And X, sj that.



    Danilovi / Getty Images

    It's like I'm listening to small waves crashing around me, and birds chirping in the distance in a non-annoying way.


    So serene.

    Blackjack3d / Getty Images

    Her captions are calming.



    Xijian / Getty Images

    Even when they are sexual.


    Such peace.

    Onfokus / Getty Images

    Each post is like a free back massage under a canopy in the rain forest.


    That's nice.

    Stockstudiox / Getty Images

    There's so much love.



    Toltek / Getty Images

    So much stillness.


    La la la tee da.

    Avtg / Getty Images

    In conclusion: Like I said, tranquil AF.


    X, ly. Namaste.

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