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    Big News: I Just Found Out That Salma Hayek Has A Pet Owl

    TBH, it's cute.

    Perhaps you've seen Salma Hayek blissfully bathing underneath this faucet.

    Or seen these slightly concerning pictures of Salma rolling around in sand and water.

    But have you seen Salma with her pet owl? ’CAUSE SHE HAS A PET OWL!!!

    It's a cute owl. I have no clue what type of owl it is, though I have asked around and I'm waiting for some bird experts to get back to me.

    So yeah, I don't know what kind of owl it is, but it is an owl for sure and seems to very much be Salma's pet owl.

    They hang out inside!

    And here's a video in which the owl climbs all over Salma's head. The owl is both a pet and a hat.

    On Mother's Day, Salma got flowers and the owl explored them.

    I'm dying to know the name of the owl and how she procured it, but maybe some things are better left a mystery.

    Salma Hayek / Instagram: @salmahayek

    I'm just glad I'm now aware of this information, and hopefully you are too.

    Salma Hayek / Instagram: @salmahayek

    Thank you to @Officialseanpenn for educating me on this topic.

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