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    27 "Fun Facts" About People Coming Off The "Next" Bus That Will Never Not Be Totally Ridiculous And Amazing

    So many poop facts.

    Next was one of many iconic shows MTV gave us in the early 2000s. Other than watching people get "nexted" the moment they stepped off the bus, the best part were the "facts" about the contestants on the show. Here are my faves.

    1. Kyle cries all the time.

    2. Staci is afraid of goats...oh, and also lit her house on fire when she was 6.


    4. Robert eats warm mayo sandwiches.

    5. Sean is a virgin on the inside (???).

    6. Rachel gets cranky when she can't poop.

    7. Keshia thought guacamole came from "guacs."

    8. Raj hates the sound of old men coughing.

    9. And Audrey hates the sound of people eating bananas.

    10. Michelle poops five times a day.

    11. Tiffany can walk backwards on crutches!!

    12. Adam is nicknamed "tiny nuts."

    13. Scott has pooped in a bathtub.

    14. Cody idolizes Michael Douglas.

    15. Desi smells his hands a lot.

    16. Brad likes girls in Santa suits.

    17. Eddie loves Ryan Seacrest.

    18. Stache is scared of muppets.

    19. Meanwhile, Heather has the hots for puppets.

    20. Janet held a dead snake for a day to overcome her fear.

    21. Brittany can't drink out of a straw.

    22. Justin thinks his eyes have magical powers.

    23. Eric loves Tom Selleck.

    24. Jenny can fold her body into a basket.

    25. Skripture farts on his dogs.

    26. Xavier holds farting contests with his aunts. And the other thing.

    27. And Charity's facts are actually pretty normal, but she fell coming off the bus, so she gets included.

    In conclusion: BRING BACK NEXT, YOU COWARDS!!!