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FYI, Nathan Adrian Is The Hottest Olympic Swimmer

I'm not even straight and I know this.

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Listen. I'm a gay woman, but I have two eyes that work properly, and I would like to stand up here today and say without literally any shadow of a doubt, that Olympic swimmer Nathan Adrian is hot. And also that he is the hottest one on the US Olympic swim team (sorry other dudes).

Nathan is competing again in the 2016 Rio Olympics which is great for everyone, obviously.

Instagram: @nathangadrian

In a sea full of guys in Speedos, it's clear that he is the best one in the Speedo.

Instagram: @nathangadrian

Besides being ~hot~, he's also adorable. Which is different. He's adorable AND hot. Look at him with his mom!

Instagram: @nathangadrian

I mean, he's been swimming for the good ol' US of A since 2008, and he's only gotten better [-looking].

Instagram: @nathangadrian

Also maybe better at swimming but I don't really know stats and stuff.

In conclusion: Nathan Adrian is the Olympic swimming hunk of everyone's dreams.

Instagram: @nathangadrian

So even if you hate sports/your country, you should prob watch him swim anyway.

Instagram: @nathangadrian

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