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    Theory: Cindy Crawford Was The First Person On Earth To Clone Herself

    Hear me out.

    This is supermodel Cindy Crawford.

    And this is Cindy's daughter, Kaia.

    They look remarkably alike. Maybe even *too* alike. Some might say just standard reproduction is responsible, but actually I'm quite positive Cindy Crawford was the first person on earth — NAY, the universe — to clone herself. Don't believe me? Just hear me out.

    Here is Cindy wearing a sweatshirt with her own name on it. It makes sense that she would do this because she is Cindy Crawford and that's her name.

    Here is a picture of her "daughter," Kaia, wearing that same sweatshirt. Tell me this: Why would someone who looks exactly like Cindy Crawford be wearing a sweatshirt that clearly states she is Cindy Crawford if she wasn't actually a Cindy Crawford? Exactly. It's ’cause she's a clone.


    We all know that people love to hang out with their clones, which makes sense. Here Cindy Crawford hangs out with Kaia, and once again, they are basically twins. And by twins I mean clones.

    Here is Cindy:

    And here is Kaia.

    You can't deny it anymore: Kaia is Cindy Crawford's clone. BUT as further proof of this theory, I will show you several more pictures of Kaia — which, by the way, is a typical clone name — in which it's almost impossible to distinguish between her and Cindy Crawford.



    SEE!!! By the way, that is two "different" people. Kaia on the left and a younger Cindy Crawford on the right.

    OK, well now that the beans have been spilled, we can just admire the Crawford Clones and all of the beauty that they hold.