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Theory: Cindy Crawford Was The First Person On Earth To Clone Herself

Hear me out.

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And this is Cindy's daughter, Kaia.

They look remarkably alike. Maybe even *too* alike. Some might say just standard reproduction is responsible, but actually I'm quite positive Cindy Crawford was the first person on earth — NAY, the universe — to clone herself. Don't believe me? Just hear me out.


Here is Cindy wearing a sweatshirt with her own name on it. It makes sense that she would do this because she is Cindy Crawford and that's her name.

Instagram: @cindycrawford

Here is a picture of her "daughter," Kaia, wearing that same sweatshirt. Tell me this: Why would someone who looks exactly like Cindy Crawford be wearing a sweatshirt that clearly states she is Cindy Crawford if she wasn't actually a Cindy Crawford? Exactly. It's ’cause she's a clone.


You can't deny it anymore: Kaia is Cindy Crawford's clone. BUT as further proof of this theory, I will show you several more pictures of Kaia — which, by the way, is a typical clone name — in which it's almost impossible to distinguish between her and Cindy Crawford.