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    Remember When Kourtney Kardashian Was On A Reality Show Eight Years Ago?

    In 2005 (one year before Kim's sex tape) Kourtney Kardashian became the first Kardashian to break into reality TV. The show was called Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive, and it aired on E!.

    The premise for the show was to take a bunch of rich kids and put them on a farm with little to no amenities and watch them hate their lives because they don't know how to function without their butlers and air conditioning. Kourtney was one of the cast members along with Brittny Gastineau, Lou Ferrigno's daughter and socialite Courtney Semel.

    Almost no footage of the show exists today which I don't understand because IT WAS A GREAT SHOW and everyone should be able to watch if they so desire. However here is a promo for an "upcoming episode" of the show, in which you can see Kourtney looking miserable for two second:

    View this video on YouTube

    In these photos you can find Kourtney where the big red arrow is pointing:

    View this video on YouTube

    Here's a mystery though: in older promos for the show KIM was supposed to be on it, not Kourtney. Guess she changed her mind because wasn't ready for fame and Kourtney took her place.

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