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    37 Tweets That I Feel Personally Attacked By Because They Are Too Damn True

    These tweets are like looking at a mirror.

    Ever scrolled through Twitter and thought, Wow, I have never had a unique thought in my life? Well, same. Look at that, another completely not-unique thought! Anyway, here are a bunch of tweets that have made me feel personally attacked because they are describing me to a tee. And probably you too. WE ARE ALL THE SAME. Okay, enjoy.


    Twitter: @cosyluv


    if we ever in a “don’t laugh” situation do NOT look over at me bro

    Twitter: @fullautojayy


    “please see cashier” i’m gonna get in my car & find another gas station is what i’m gonna do

    Twitter: @makaylaedwardss

    4. ME:

    me: *eats something unhealthy* also me: if I drink a lot of water it’ll be ok

    Twitter: @FillWerrell


    why make a 2 minute phone call when I can avoid it and feel anxious about the phone call for another 24 hours instead

    Twitter: @ElyKreimendahl


    you don’t have to ask me twice “can we go home” cause i’ve been ready since we got here

    Twitter: @__itsamber_


    My heart absolutely beating out of my chest as I send the most mildly confrontational message that’s ever been written

    Twitter: @DrakeGatsby


    i jus be chillin then my ear goes ᵉᵉᵉᵉᵉᵉᵉᵉᵉ

    Twitter: @CodeineFridge


    i have come across so many of the same people on dating apps over the years i’ve started to see them as coworkers

    Twitter: @anne_sundell


    just saw somebody my age have their life together, day is ruined

    Twitter: @kirawontmiss


    me: ignores someone's texts for 84 years also me: spams them 400 times if they don't reply in 10 seconds

    Twitter: @epDannyEdge


    every crew got the silly homie with an air of profound sadness about him

    Twitter: @wormsofbarlo


    Twitter: @saiintpablo


    love to make my therapist laugh, which is of course the point

    Twitter: @danielleweisber


    cancelling plans like “so sorry but it was actually a different, less depressed version of me that made those plans w you last week and the me that i am today doesn’t want to go.”

    Twitter: @danadonnelly


    Twitter: @notpatlol


    for someone with two brain cells i sure do fucking overthink

    Twitter: @brookIoI


    i am a messy bitch who lives for drama, right up until the second i am implicated in drama, in which case i think everyone should cut it out and stop being mean to me

    Twitter: @bananafitz


    ok i’ll bite: what are “relaxed shoulders”

    Twitter: @mollypriddy


    I’m at a place in my life where I can finally understand why my mom would act like making one stop between work & home would kill her.

    Twitter: @C0URTNEYC0


    I used to accidentally repeat stories to my friends a lot but now I just say “I think I’ve already told you this” and say it again anyway

    Twitter: @sahana_srini


    tik tok truly paralyzes me like i’ll watch it for 45 minutes in whatever position i was in when i opened it. the stillness of a lizard in danger

    Twitter: @chunkbardey


    Of the five love languages mine is the lesser known sixth one, the constant need for validation and attention

    Twitter: @baumanelise


    as my mental health deteriorates my lmaos get longer lmaoooooo

    Twitter: @jahnfornsworth


    *watching great British bake off eating a microwaved burrito* me: pathetic, her tea cakes are dry

    Twitter: @alyssalimp


    Unmuting myself just to say “Bye” in Zoom meetings

    Twitter: @OnlyZans


    i’m tired of pretending to be chill, i am insane

    Twitter: @arigenelle


    sometimes i get really concerned about things very suddenly like i’ll be chillin then all the sudden be like “o shit where’s my birth certificate”

    Twitter: @dumper_pupper69


    me forgetting that i exist while i’m driving

    Twitter: @damn_lui


    Does anyone else pack underwear for a trip like they're planning on shitting themselves twice for every day they're gone?

    Twitter: @gilineezy


    when the shipping address is the same as the billing address

    Twitter: @nicolewboyce


    as a kid: i hope i marry rich as an adult: i hope a rich person hits me with their car

    Twitter: @ErinChack


    me choking on my own saliva for no reason.

    Twitter: @clsdapp


    sorry I didn’t text u back I was pretending I didn’t see it and I ended up actually forgetting

    Twitter: @brookIoI


    hot girls google “____ ending explained” after every movie they watch

    Twitter: @uhhmmily


    Sorry I can't hang out I have to itch the mosquito bite on my ankle until I reach bone

    Twitter: @Icy_hotpatch

    37. And finally:

    does ur brain ever just go: “donkäe”

    Twitter: @woopsiedacey