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    Reese Witherspoon Is Selling A "Wreath Witherspoon Dress" On Her Website

    Cause why not!

    This is Reese Witherspoon:

    And this is the Wreath Witherspoon dress from Reese's clothing brand, Draper James.

    That's right. You heard me. Reese Witherspoon's clothing brand is selling a dress called the Wreath Witherspoon dress.

    Because the print is floral wreath.

    Close up of the wreaths:

    And I'm sure you get it. Wreath kinda sounds like Reese. Or like how a two-year-old might try to pronounce Reese.

    Honestly I wish they'd stop playing this game and just give us the REESE Witherspoon dress we want.

    Ok, well, have a great day. Do with this information what you will!

    h/t @bobbyfinger