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Red Carpet Chatter At Billboard's Women In Music Awards

Billboard honored Pink, Janelle Monáe, and dozens of other women at its Women in Music awards ceremony in New York, and this is what went down on the red carpet.

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Getty Images/ Larry Busacca

What's your least favorite holiday song?

Andy Cohen: Well the worst song of all time is "Happy Birthday." It's like a slow march to hell. But holiday songs, I love holiday songs. They are all melancholy and sad. They all kind of make you want to slit your wrists and get under a blanket.

Do you know the ingredients in eggnog?

AC: Cream? Alcohol? Vodka?

Who are you listening to right now?

AC: I like Janelle Monáe. I think she's great.

Getty Images/ Larry Busacca

Who are you guys listening to right now?

Tegan and Sara: Chvrches is going to help honor Janelle Monáe tonight, and I think they are fantastic. I absolutely love them.

You guys have great music videos, are you involved in the process?

T&S: Absolutely. We always like to be involved, sometimes we actually write a treatment idea and then work with the director. In the case of "Closer," Isaac had a really cool idea that was set in a different location and then we talked to him and said, 'What if we turn it into a house party, and then add the karaoke element?' And that kind of spitballing and brainstorming happens with every video.

Did the dog version of "Closer" get your stamp of approval?

T&S: Yes, we thought the pet parody idea was brilliant. When they sent us the footage we loved it. We ended up doing a cameo; we weren't there when they shot the video but then we shot a a bit of a cameo because they wanted to include us and we loved it. We like to have a good sense of humor about ourselves.

Who is your favorite set of twins other than yourselves?

T&S: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

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What are you listening to right now?

Kimberly Perry: Well Rita Neil and I are listening to a lot of music because we are diving back into song-writing mode. So we throw it back first and listen to music that shaped us. We listen to a ton of Queen, always the Rolling Stones, and Bobby Gentry, who is a great southern artist.

What's the worst gift you ever received?

KP: As a kid, anything with clothes, which I was not interested in at all.

Getty Images/ Larry Busacca

Who are you listening to right now?

Soledad O'Brien: Well we have a combination because I have four kids. So a lot of fun. and Pink and Janelle Monáe, anything that's top 40. But I'm very into gospel right now. A lot of Marvin Sapp, I always love Luther Vandross. My husband is very into Grateful Dead, so we have all that.

Do you know the ingredients to eggnog?

SO: Egg, heavy cream. Rum, I'm sure it's rum. I have some in my fridge! It's like a heart attack in a cup.

Getty Images/ Larry Busacca

What's the worst holiday gift you've ever received?

Matt Lauer: I received a ricer that I had given to that person the year before. Not giving any names.

Do you know the ingredients to eggnog?

Willie Geist: Eggs and nog. Bourbon is the only ingredient that matters.


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