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17 Reasons Why Space Is Cool As Shit And Also Crazy As Shit

Zero gravity more like HERO gravity.

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1. You can play ping pong with a BALL OF WATER.

2. You can also eat balls of water that have been floating around.

3. Honey looks like this when it comes out of a jar (??!?!?!?!?!?!):

4. Nuts are just floatin' around in their can, having a nut party.

Look at dem floating nuts.

5. Your food comes to you...

6. don't go to your food.

7. Also your food floats, which would be really useful in a cocktail party situation.

8. And also, in fajita situations, since in space your ingredients stay on your tortilla no matter what.

9. Your hair can stand up straight, which is fun.

10. Water does this:

11. And this. It's kinda like slime!!

12. Fruit flies:

13. Again, drinking water is passé, eating your water is better.

14. And while we're talking about water, you can dye a perfect sphere of it into beautiful colors while it floats.

15. Your fidget spinner will spin for eternity:

16. Your Yo Yo will stay in "walking the dog" position, unless you do other rad tricks:

17. And finally, you can throw your friends.


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