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    24 Pictures That Prove Boys And Girls Should Absolutely Never Share Things

    This is just the way it works!

    1. Because girls obviously need special globes:

    2. And it'd be an absolute tragedy if girls and boys didn't have different sprinkles:

    3. Because everyone knows girls need a special tape that's just for them:

    4. And how can we expect a girl to use a hammer if it's not pink?

    5. In fact...ALL tools must be pink if they are to be held by a woman's hands:

    6. And whewww, it would be a closeeeee call if a woman bought these:

    7. If girls didn't have their own type of EARPLUGS, who KNOWS what would happen?

    8. Everyone knows girls and boys can't use the same pens. It just doesn't work that way:

    9. Get out of my face if you don't think girls and boys should have different GLUE. GET OUT:

    10. Girls don't just garden. They LADY garden:

    11. And yah, men's Q-tips light themselves on fire if they touch the skin of a woman!

    12. Men and women have very different ears. Everyone knows this. There's no way they can have the same earbuds. NO WAY:

    13. That's also why they need different earmuffs. THEY JUST DO, OK?

    14. Everyone, I mean EVERYONE, knows girls and boys need different bookmarks. What would happen to literature if they didn't?

    15. And these are the only binoculars girls can handle — it's common knowledge:

    16. And there's the obvious deep, rich history of gender separation with regard to pickles:

    17. You're cruisin for a bruisin' if you think tea can be drunk by just anyone:

    18. Flashlights work differently for girls and boys; it's fact:

    19. So do DON'T wanna get the wrong one of those:

    20. And so do sponges. Don't even try to clean a dish with a daddy if you're a'll regret it!

    21. And wow, you think a guy is gonna be able to use just a regular ol' sponge? You're outta your dang mind!!

    22. Oh, you thought you could have any Kinder egg you want? WRONG:

    23. Sunglasses? PSHH. LADY'S SPORTS AND MEN'S SPORTS ONLY. You hear me?!?!

    24. And finally, yup. You bet your ass Bibles need to be separated into male and female: