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19 Reasons Why Girls And Boys Should Definitely Have Different Toys

This is the way it has to be.

1. Because girls obviously need special globes:

2. And it'd be an absolute tragedy if girls and boys didn't have different sprinkles:

3. Because everyone knows girls need a special tape that's just for them:

4. And how can we expect a girl to use a hammer if it's not pink?

5. Because girls obviously need different Goldfish:

6. And if girls didn't have their own type of EARPLUGS, who KNOWS what would happen:

7. Because everyone knows girls and boys can't use the same pens. It just doesn't work that way.

8. And, I know this is a given, but of course apples need to be too:

9. Everyone, I mean, EVERYONE knows girls and boys need different bookmarks. What would happen to literature if they didn't?

10. Get out of my face if you don't think girls and boys shouldn't have different GLUE. GET OUT:

11. You bet your ass Bibles need to be separated into male and female.

12. And EXTENSION CORDS? Don't even get me started:

13. This is the way it NEEDS to be:

14. Men and women have very different ears. Everyone knows this. There's no way they can have the same earbuds. NO WAY:

15. You think girls can handle these Kleenex? Yeah, right. These are KLEENEX we're talking about here:

16. These are the only binoculars girls can handle. Everyone knows that.

17. And there's the obvious deep, rich history of gender separation with regard to pickles:

18. Thermometers need to be split between girls and boys. It's SCIENCE:

19. And tea? TEA?!?!?!?!? TEA: