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    23 Reasons Why Every Single Person Needs A Dog In Their Life Immediately

    It's urgent.

    1. Because you should always have someone around to scratch your head.

    2. Or give you a good back rub.

    3. Because you should definitely always have someone to watch a movie with.

    4. Or catch the latest episode of House Hunters with.

    5. Or watch a sports game with.

    6. Or just cuddle up to during those cold winter nights.

    7. Because it's always good to have a work out buddy.

    8. You know, for motivation.

    9. Because they are there to give you moral support when the traffic is really bad and you need someone to keep you sane.

    10. And they are really helpful when it comes to running errands.

    11. Because if the babysitter cancels it's NOT A PROBLEM, THE DOG CAN DO IT.

    12. Because it's always nice to have someone to listen to you play that one song you know.

    13. Or listen to what they've been working on.

    14. Because you never know when they'll be able to lend a helping hand.

    15. And they are really good at talking to people.

    16. Because they'll spice up any photo op.

    17. Because you shouldn't have to be the only one to keep the lawn looking nice.

    18. And your personal assistant probably sucks and you need a new one.

    19. Because honestly, sometimes you need someone to just tell you when you are way out of line.

    20. And give you a reality check.

    21. And because if you have a dog, then you could be living a life with this in it:

    22. Or this:

    23. But most of all, this could be yours: