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17 Reasons We Should All Strive To Be Pop Divas

Nothing wrong with being fabulous.

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1. Because we could roll up our windows on whoever we wanted:

2. And if we don't want to chew our gum anymore, we could just gift it to a group of fans:

3. Because we can wait patiently while another person regrets who they just backed into:

4. And tell people to use a dictionary if we don't feel like explaining ourselves:

5. Because we could use an extra hand if we are thirsty:

6. ...or don't want to bothered by opening a car door:

7. Because hands free is the best way to be:

8. Because we could stop people from touching the fur we are wearing, even if it's Patti LaBelle.

9. Because we could take our moment to shine in the spotlight:


11. Because nothing would stop us from really expressing how we felt about seeing Justin and Selena kiss:

12. And from being the best and baddest hair flipper/dancer to exist:

13. Because we could blame other people for trash left behind:


14. Because we wouldn't have to stop and say hello to anyone if we didn't want to:

15. Because we could roll our eyes to whoever, whenever:

16. Because we could complain about our hunger and everyone would have to listen:

17. And because we could just be fabulous with our friends while other people wished they were us:


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