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21 Reasons Robert Downey Jr. Is The Most Perfect Man In The Universe

It's undeniable, really.

1. He's probably the sassiest celebrity out there:

So, so sassy:

The sassiest?

He's even sassy when he's not saying anything:

And he was even sassy when he was a kid:

2. Not only is he good at English...

3. But he can also teach you math:

4. He's never boring on red carpets.

5. He makes a great cat:

6. He has his priorities straight:

7. He has the best license plate:

8. He once wore this in the '90s:

9. He'll give you exactly what you want for your birthday:

10. And he literally has the best sunglasses collection EVER.

11. And nobody takes off their glasses like RDJ. NO ONE.

12. He's a master thief:

13. Because of... uh... this:

14. He's the king of frowning:

15. He makes a great laundry detergent:

16. And makes all other Pokemon irrelevant:

17. Also, he does this from time to time:

18. This weird punk mountain-climber outfit too:

19. Have you seen him smile yet?

20. He keeps getting better with age, like a fine wine.



21. Oh, and he's more powerful than a God.