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33 Absolutely Perfect Answers Given On "Family Feud" That Remind Me Why This Show Is The Greatest

Or maybe I just have the sense of humor of five year old.

Family Feud is a classic. It's been around since 1976, gone through several hosts, and it never gets old. Whether it's the answers on the board or the responses given by the family, they are nothing short of genius.

Steve Harvey: "Name a fruit." Contestant: "Hamburger" The family:

Twitter: @Saquon_Gleyber

So here are 33 examples of exactly why this is the greatest show on earth.

1. Because of this lady's incredible response:

contestants are asked what a doctor would pull out of a body and a woman answers, "gerbil"

2. This guy who you cannot say is wrong:

question is to name types of bears and person answers, "papa"

3. This man's very true answer to this question...

contestants are asked what follows the word "pork" and someone answers "cupine"

...he is not wrong!!!!!!!!

steve harvey laughes and says, "he said cupine"

4. This guy right here!!!!!!!!!!!

someone is asked to name a body part with the letter T and person answers, "titties"

5. This guy who knows a thing or two about eggs:

someone responds "hamster" to the prompt to name an animal whose eggs you'd never eat

6. This man who is totally right about asparagus:

contestants need to name something that wrinkles when it gets old and someone says, "asparagus"

7. This guy's genius point:

name something a burglar wouldn't want to see when entering a house and someone says, "naked grandma"

8. This smart idea:

Steve asks what might santa have to do to a reindeer in this bad economy and someone answers, "eat one"

9. This guy who is technically 100% correct:

asked to name an animal with three letters and a person answers, "alligator"

10. This man's gut instinct:

a reason why you might stay inside on a beautiful day and someone says, "because it's raining"

11. This anti-pickle man:

something you wouldn't want the police to find in your trunk and someone says, "pickle"

12. This lady's way of thinking:

asked to name a yellow fruit, someone answers, "orange"

13. This crazy, but it just might work, response:

asked what to put on top of a salad, someone answers, "whipped cream"

14. The four people surveyed for this question:

four people saying they'd throw poop if a man walked in while the wife was in the bathroom

15. This woman's genius answer:

asked to name parts of a phone, someone answers, "the bottom part"

16. This guy who misheard but made for a perfect moment:

asked to name a famous Arther, someone answers, "Shakespeare"

17. This guy who was very proud of his quick thinking:

asked whats the last thing a man has stuck his finger in, he answers "my wife" and the couple double high-fives

18. And this lady too:

asked what's something you pull out, a woman answers, "your penis?"

19. This slightly concerning answer:

asked what you used for kissing practice when younger, a man says, "sister"

20. This woman's wise response:

asked to name something that starts with "pot" a woman says "pot..ato"

21. This answer that everyone agreed on:

asked to name a body part that gets sweaty, someone answers, "balls"

22. This guy's extremely close but not close enough answer:

asked to name a famous Willy, someone answers, "willy the pooh"

23. This emotionalally in-tune response:

asked what's something you feel before you buy something, someone says, "excited"

24. This one of a kind answer:

asked what month a woman starts showing in her pregnancy someone says, "september"

25. This bashful comment:

to name a part you touch on a woman to get her in the mood an older man says, "that would be the lower front or the vagina"

26. This interesting response:

name something that men do not do as well as they think and a woman says, "wipe themselves"

27. This regretful response:

asked for a fruit that comes in more than one color, someone writes, "tarantula"

28. This too-true answer:

asked to name an organ a man would be an idiot to donate while still alive, a woman says, "his penis" and she's right

29. This response which is perfect and I'm glad he didn't hear what was actually asked:

asked what kind of suit would be inappropriate at the office someone says, "chicken noodle"

30. This guy who is kinda right depending on your accent:

asked to name a type of bean someone answers, "lesbian"

31. This woman's fantasy answer:

asked to name something a rabbit might do in a magic hat and someone says, "fly away!"

32. This answer, spoken by a true nudist:

asked to name something only worn by children, someone answers, "clothes"

33. And whomever/whatever Lola The Street Ho is:

three people vote in "Lola the street Ho" for an answer