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21 Reasons Why Amy Schumer Was The One True Hero Of 2015

We are not worthy.

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Amy Schumer: comedian, writer, actor, model, aunt, daughter, walker, swimmer (maybe?). THE LIST GOES ON. It's clear that she's a woman of many talents, and this year she also became basically everyone's hero. This is why.

1. Because she was without a doubt this year's — no, this century's — champion of prank sexts:

2. Because she was refreshingly honest about the true plight of being a woman:


3. Because she crashed this Game of Thrones cast pic and actually lived to tell the tale.

Instagram: @amyschumer

And it was inspirational.

5. Because this confession made us all feel a bit better about our own dating lives:


7. Because she is unapologetically real...

9. Because she proved to be a necessary addition to any engagement photo:

Instagram: @amyschumer

10. Because she made a valiant effort to impress the paparazzi, even if in the end it was fruitless.

#roadmanager and I wore ball gowns to walk to work the day they didn't snap us. Damn it!


12. Because she turned the tables on the press and started asking them serious questions for once: / Via

14. Because she did not take any crap from this interviewer:

19. Because she responded to this photo set and caption with perfection.

20. Because she bared almost all in this stunning portrait and it was perfect:

Beautiful, gross, strong, thin, fat, pretty, ugly, sexy, disgusting, flawless, woman. Thank you @annieleibovitz

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