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Literally Just 29 Random Tweets That Made Me Laugh Out Loud And Then Send To The Group Chat

Sharing funny tweets is caring.

Hello, friends. There is no theme here. The following is a random collection of tweets that have made me laugh out loud and then send to my friends because I thought they were worthy of sharing with my pals. They are just good tweets that I have faved over time, and now I want to share them with you.

the sixth love language is DMing people tweets and tagging them in memes do not argue with me on this

Twitter: @alexadato

So enjoy.


How tf Bubbles holding these chopsticks

Twitter: @younghennypapi


sex ed implies the existence of sex edd and sex eddy

Twitter: @AsaNotAkira


i think its impressive to tweet something with 0 likes..... ur thought was original and unique and no one related to you

Twitter: @a_busy_woman


everything in the world is about sex, except Uno. Uno is about power

Twitter: @tony_ferraro7


Twitter: @reIagz


therapist: a lot of my clients are feeling that way right now me: ok rank us

Twitter: @alexdrag_


me when i was 10 pretending i was dead in the pool to see if anyone would care

Twitter: @cumrascal


wtf is a 401k I can barely run 2 miles :(

Twitter: @cal_gif


when ppl run after planes in shows it's like...that's a plane ..

Twitter: @ajdeluxe_


When your dog is barking for absolutely no reason

Twitter: @addatude_


โ€œpics or it didnโ€™t happenโ€ people are so annoying. use ur imagination i donโ€™t have any storage

Twitter: @CaucasianJames


tik tok truly paralyzes me like iโ€™ll watch it for 45 minutes in whatever position i was in when i opened it. the stillness of a lizard in danger

Twitter: @chunkbardey


โ€œI hope this email finds youโ€”โ€œ STOP FINDING MEEEEE

Twitter: @lujainahs


i have come across so many of the same people on dating apps over the years iโ€™ve started to see them as coworkers

Twitter: @anne_sundell


Gotta be careful w a woman who was recently laying down for a little bit. that activates something

Twitter: @freshhel


when someone iโ€™m eating with gets a pickle on the side

Twitter: @liv_cowherd


Twitter: @notpatlol


Twitter: @jdahall


Q is too high up in the alphabet. I respect it but it has no place between P and R. Should be at the end with the weirdo/goth letters

Twitter: @i_zzzzzz


If You See Something (a dog wearing a tie), Say Something ("hello handsome").

Twitter: @markedly


cancelling plans like โ€œso sorry but it was actually a different, less depressed version of me that made those plans w you last week and the me that i am today doesnโ€™t want to go.โ€

Twitter: @danadonly


when the shipping address is the same as the billing address

Twitter: @nicolewboyce


Them: donโ€™t overthink it Me:

Twitter: @theronalisa


how tf a computer gone ask me if i'm a robot ๐Ÿ˜ญ bitch you da robot ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Twitter: @liddlexie


Hey sharks I wonโ€™t take up too much of your time, my idea is baby carrots that arenโ€™t soaking wet

Twitter: @VeryFineHat


Being a small account rocks. You can say anything: scoobing doo

Twitter: @hippieswordfish


When you're so high on dentist gas the Water Buffalo Of Drugs visits you.

Twitter: @PhilipNByrne


wwyd if i put my cursor over ur cursor in the google doc

Twitter: @brainwxrms

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