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    46 Celebs Whose College Degrees Are Extremely Impressive And Very Unexpected

    Turns out, not all celebs dropped out of college to become famous!!

    1. Connie Britton got a degree in Asian studies.

    2. Riz Ahmed has a degree in politics, philosophy, and economics.

    3. Cole Sprouse has a degree in archeology. Specifically, geographical information systems and satellite imaging.

    4. Brooke Shields has a degree in romance language and literature.

    5. Gerard Butler has a law degree.

    6. Megan Thee Stallion has a degree in health administration.

    7. Rowan Atkinson has a degree in electrical engineering.

    8. Rashida Jones has a degree in religion and philosophy.

    9. Lisa Kudrow got a degree in biology.

    10. Miranda Cosgrove has a degree in psychology.

    11. Weird Al got a degree in architecture.

    12. Gabrielle Union has a degree in sociology.

    13. Will Ferrell graduated with a degree in sports information.

    14. Christy Turlington Burns has a bachelor's degree in comparative religion and Eastern philosophy, and a master's in public health.

    15. Sacha Baron Cohen has a degree in history with a focus on antisemitism.

    16. Dolph Lundgren got a degree in chemical engineering.

    17. Kenny Chesney got a degree in marketing.

    18. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson majored in criminology.

    19. Freddie Highmore got a degree in Spanish and Arabic.

    20. Rooney Mara got a degree in psychology, international social policy, and nonprofits.

    21. Ray Romano majored in accounting.

    22. Natalie Portman got a degree in psychology.

    23. Lionel Richie has a degree in economics.

    24. Reba McEntire has a degree in elementary education.

    25. Eva Longoria got a degree in kinesiology and a master's in Chicano studies.

    26. John Legend has a degree in English with a concentration in African American literature.

    27. David Spade has a degree in business.

    28. Steven Yeun has a degree in psychology.

    29. Hugh Laurie has a degree in anthropology and archaeology.

    30. Kerry Washington has a degree in anthropology and sociology.

    31. Ashley Judd has an undergraduate degree in French and a graduate degree in public administration.

    32. Danai Gurira has a degree in psychology.

    33. Ben Mackenzie got a degree in economics.

    34. Vinny Guadagnino has a degree in political science.

    35. Chris Martin has a degree in ancient world studies.

    36. Wanda Sykes has a degree in marketing.

    37. Gemma Chan has a degree in law.

    38. America Ferrera has a degree in international relations.

    39. Denzel Washington has a degree in journalism.

    40. Allison Williams has a degree in English.

    41. Dakota Fanning majored in women's studies.

    42. Rebel Wilson has a bachelor's in law.

    43. David Duchovny has a master's degree in English literature.

    44. John Cleese has a law degree.

    45. Bridgit Mendler has a degree in anthropology and is also working towards a Ph.D. with a focus on "technologies that support inclusive and collaborative governance and citizen engagement."

    46. Nick Cannon has a degree in criminology.