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    Questions I Have About "Palm Springs" The Movie Because I Can't Stop Thinking About It

    I am not smart enough for this.

    So, the movie Palm Springs came out this past weekend. It stars Andy Samberg, Cristin Milioti, and J.K. Simmons.

    And, assuming you've seen it — and if not, SPOILERS — you know that the plot revolves around infinite time loops, quantum theories, and other multiverse shit that I don't understand. So here are my lingering questions about the movie (that btw, I loved).

    Okay so, first of all...this character says "Shukran" when Nyles hands him a beer. It means "thank you" in Arabic. Obviously he could just be saying thank you, BUT...

    The Nana comes by later in the evening and ALSO says "Shukran" to Nyles. It could just be a coincidence and they both just like to say "thanks" in Arabic. Or it could be that these other two people somehow have a deeper meaning into what is going on. THOUGHTS???

    Secondly, when Nyles was first shot with the arrow by Roy, we see this figure going into the cave. I guess it's supposed to be Roy, but the figure was limping and didn't have the helmet on and all the gear that Roy was wearing. Was it something else or someone else??????

    ALSO, when Nyles goes into the glowing light area and gets sucked in, does that mean this version of Nyles is then split into another infinate time loop? I know he said it resets the day, but also, if he goes into the time loop whilst already in a time loop, does that mean he'll end up in a loop within a loop????

    Thirdly, or fourthly? IDK. Either way, next is another Nana moment. When Sarah has decided she's gonna blow herself up, Nana hints that she has been to LOTS of weddings, and then says this:

    Obviously that confused Sarah, AND ME. Because how does Nana know?? WHAT IS THE TRUTH ABOUT NANA???

    I've read a theory that Nana is an older version of Sarah who has found her way back into a time loop in the future, but that doesn't make sense to me...because then Sarah would be her own grandma. So, what is Nana's deal? Is she also stuck in the infinite time loop? Is she secretely banging the guy from the pool and therefore happy as a clam to continue on this day??? I don't know!!

    Okay, now back to Nyles. How long has he been in there?!?! At one point, he admits that he and Sarah have had sex like 1,000 times. He's probably exaggerating, or maybe he's not. Has it been a few "years"? A century?? A MILLENIUM?!?!?!

    Next question. At the end of the movie, after they've blown themselves up and apparently landed on November 10, the camera pans to the landscape, and look at what is in the distance:

    It's the dinosaurs from the night they were camping out!!! So, what does this mean for them and us??? It could be just a cute little random thing that means absolutely nothing, could mean something. I have no idea what that something is though, so people, please help me figure that one out.

    And lastly, mid-credits we are shown a scene in which Roy shows up to the wedding intending to talk to Nyles about the discovery Sarah had.

    But Nyles is confused and has no idea who Roy is.

    Roy is like, HOLY HECK, IT WORKED, HE GOT OUT. But, honestly, how the hell does it all work? Nyles got out and is no longer sharing the time loop with Roy, but Roy is still stuck in the loop and living the day of the wedding and now has to get out himself? Which means that Nyles and all the other wedding guests exist in multiple timelines and multiple universes and my head hurts thinking about it.

    And also, each day they all wake up and experience that same day. But...what if someone dies or falls asleep WAYYY before the other people? Do they all just remain in some dimensional purgatory until they all reset the day together? Or are there BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of versions of this time loop occuring, and we just follow one of them the entire movie?

    Like I said, please help me. Give me all your theories and thoughts in the comments. And if anyone out there studies quantum physics, I salute you, this stuff is CONFUSING.