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32 Questions For Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Detroit's spry indie pop tag-team on their love of Boyz II Men, farting on the tour bus, and the integrity of extraterrestrials.

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If you're not yet familiar with Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., you're in luck: allow us to introduce you to their immensely pleasurable latest single "James Dean," a wistfully melancholic synth-pop gem that extends an impressive run of catchy tunes since the band first began in 2010. Daniel Zott and Josh Epstein are the two guys behind the band (no relation to the NASCAR hero), and they stopped by BuzzFeed LA to play some music and answer some very ~important~ questions. This is what we learned.

1. How did you guys come up with the name of the band?

Josh: We were both in different bands before this, and we wanted to come up with a name that was so ridiculous that we could do anything we want, musically. This was around the time where every band's name was called Crystal something, or Neon something, and we were talking about how much of a hindrance it is to bands, like changing their sound. Because once you have a sound and you sound like something, then it kind of sticks. So then this band became the band that we were in, and now we have the dumbest name in the world.

2. Your new song "James Dean" talks about how cool he is; who else is super cool to you?

Josh: Thom Yorke is like the nerdiest, coolest guy in the world. We always talk about this: It must be hard to be Radiohead, because you are the coolest thing in the world, the band at least, and then to have a normal day, if nothing you do is cool during the day, it's like, oh. I imagine everything he does is cool.

Daniel: People would not want to buy his records if they saw him walking through McDonald's.

3. Favorite music video?

Josh: I'm really showing my age here, but "Thriller."

Daniel: Yeah, it's a pretty typical answer, but nothing really beats that.

4. First album you ever bought?

Daniel: Boyz II Men Cooleyhighharmony.

Josh: I want to say Pearl Jam Ten.

5. Last show you went to?

Daniel: Katy Perry, Prismatic Tour.

Josh: He went in Detroit, and I actually went to the one in LA. But last I went to see this band called Mosco Rosco.

6. What song would you pick to play as your entrance music?

Josh: I would go "Regulator."

7. Favorite word?

Josh: I know what Dan's favorite word is. "Asinine."

Daniel: My dad used to say it.

8. Favorite curse word?

Josh: I'm going to be controversial and say "c*nt."

Daniel: I hate that word.

Josh: I know, but it's got a special power, more than any other word. You can call someone anything and it won't really offend them, but if you call someone a c*nt, that's like a real thing.

Daniel: Shit.

9. Favorite vegetable?

Josh: Eggplant

Daniel: I was going to say eggplant.

10. What do you normally eat for breakfast?

Josh: Every morning I have the exact same thing. I cook some onions, bacon, chopped up with some curry paste, then I add peppers, eggs, and cheese. So I have a little curried bacon scramble.

Daniel: I do a lot of scrambled eggs, with my own hash browns. I keep it plain.

11. Favorite emoji?

Daniel: I don't really have a favorite, but I think the last one I sent is that dancing marimba girl.

Josh: I'm next level with emojis. I actually now have this thing where I have emojis of my own face and I'll send those to people.


12. What's a song that you're jealous you didn't make?

Josh: I think Randy Newman's "Living Without You." Every time I hear it I'm so mad I didn't write it.

Daniel: "Hallelujah," by Leonard Cohen.

13. New York, L.A., London, or another?

Daniel: None, Detroit. But I like L.A. better than New York.

Josh: I like L.A. the best, which is why I chose to relocate here.

Daniel: I hate London.

Josh: Yeah, London is the worst.

14. What time do you guys go to bed?

Josh: Sometimes never. Too late. 3:30 in the morning?

15. What's the longest you've gone without showering?

Josh: I think I've gone five days on tour.

Daniel: I think I've gone a week.

16. Last time you fell off a bike?

Josh: Oh! Like six months ago! I rented a bike in Austin, and I was trying to film my bike ride and I hit something.

Daniel: And I was riding behind him and got to see the whole thing!

17. Do you believe in aliens?

Daniel: I don't not believe in aliens.

Josh: I believe in them.

Daniel: He trusts them.

Josh: I belive they exist, and I believe in them. I don't think they are evil.

18. Biggest pet peeve?

Josh: So many. This is really hard because everything annoys me.

Daniel: Yeah, I was going to say when AJ doesn't turn the bubble machine on.

19. Favorite pizza topping?

Josh: Extra cheese. It's not really a thing, but it is.

20. Last song you listened to?

Josh: Lil' Cease and Lil' Kim's "Crush on You."

Daniel: Leonard Cohen has a new record. It was a song off there, but I can't remember which one.

21. Britney or Christina?

Josh: This is tough, because it's changed with age. It used to be Christina, but I think now Britney.

Daniel: Christina can definitely sing better.

22. NSYNC or Backstreet Boys?

Josh: I'm going to go Backstreet. Because there are at least a couple songs I'll karaoke.

Daniel: Yeah.

23. Singing in the shower, yes or no?

Daniel: I don't really do that.

Josh: I do.

24. Favorite movie?

Josh: Mine is The Goonies.

Daniel: I think The Sandlot is my favorite movie.

25. Favorite city to perform in?

Josh: Austin, Texas. I love going there.

Daniel: Washington, D.C. My brother lives there, so that's always good.

26. Favorite season?

Daniel: Fall.

Josh: Los Angeles.

27. On the tour bus, who is the worst fart offender?

Daniel: Probably me.

Josh: No, I think it's our sound guy.

Daniel: Between us?

Josh: Oh, yeah, between us, it's him.

28. What do you do when you're bored on the bus?

Josh: Lately I've been reading The New Yorker.

Daniel: I play an NBA basketball video game, where I play myself as a basketball player. It's really fun.

29. Puppies or kittens?

Both: Puppies.

30. Bacon or Nutella?

Josh: Bacon. I feel like Dan would say both probably.

Daniel: Nutella on top of bacon?

31. What's something about the other person that they would probably be really embarassed for you to share?

Daniel: Josh gets stressed about a lot of stuff. He shares a lot of of issues though.

Josh: Dan is like the nerdiest basketball fan in the world. He watches the NBA D-League. Summer league and all that stuff. He's so into it. It's sweet though.

32. And finally, what's something about yourself that no one knows?

Josh: I played college soccer! A lot of people don't know that.

Daniel: I really enjoy fishing, and if anyone wants to take me fishing in the cities we're playing, I would go with them.

Check the guys out while they are on tour — you can find dates and cities here!