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    18 Questions All Jewish People Are Tired Of Answering About Christmas

    Santa who.

    1. Do you have a Christmas tree in your house?

    Asiseeit / Getty Images

    Great question, Janet. Let me put you on hold for a minute.

    2. But you had one growing up, right?

    Teamarbeit / Getty Images

    "Jerry, it's Mary again. She's asking about my childhood!"

    3. Then what did you put your presents under on Christmas morning?

    Xixinxing / Getty Images


    4. So your dad never dressed up as Santa?

    Fotandy / Getty Images

    Santa...Santa. The name doesn't ring a bell.

    5. But Santa still came to your house, right?

    Richlegg / Getty Images

    YES! He stopped by for shabbos quite frequently.

    6. Does that mean you didn't get any gifts growing up?

    Imageegami / Getty Images

    You seem to be forgetting about the gift of life.

    7. Wait, so you only got eight gifts in total?

    Curtoicurto / Getty Images

    What do you mean ONLY?

    8. Are you telling me you don't like egg nog?

    Horsche / Getty Images

    Shut up, Carl!

    9. How about that Christmas ham though!

    Triffitt / Getty Images

    That's a divisive question.

    10. Who is the Jewish Santa?

    Doo_yikyik / Getty Images

    Hanukkah Harry, doi.

    11. Ok but, you still celebrate Christmas right?

    Joebelanger / Getty Images


    12. Then, you must be jealous of everyone that *does* celebrates Christmas?

    Drbimages / Getty Images

    TBH, on some level...not really.

    13. Ok, but you definitely feel left out and like you're missing out on this big thing, right?

    Wavebreakmedia Ltd / Getty Images

    Ever heard of an empty movie theater? ? ? ??

    14. Do you hate when people say “Merry Christmas” instead of "Happy Holidays?"

    Claudiad / Getty Images

    Only because I'd prefer to not be spoken to altogether!

    15. Is Hanukkah like the Jewish Christmas?

    Excentric_01 / Getty Images

    Kind of but it's more like the Jewish Hanukkah.

    16. Do you like Christmas music?

    Lighthousebay / Getty Images

    I love Mariah Carey!

    17. Are you gonna eat Chinese food on Christmas day?

    Ands456 / Getty Images


    18. What's your favorite Christmas hymn?

    Asiseeit / Getty Images

    ??? ? ? ?? ? ?? ?

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