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    Which Queer Artist Do I Absolutely Need To Listen To Right Now?

    Share your queer music!

    We gays love music — it's true!!! And we have impeccable taste in music; that's just a fact. But what's better than music made for gay people? That's right: music made BY gay people.

    Of course we should all know Troye Sivan by now. He's gay and his music is amazing.

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    Then there's Hayley Kiyoko, who's here, queer, and making music for ladies who love ladies.

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    And because of TikTok, I also know about Girl in Red, whom I'm now obsessed with!!!

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    But I want to know about allllllll the queer folk making music that we should be listening to!!! So comment below and tell me your favorite queer artist and a song of theirs that you love. It might be included in a future BuzzFeed Community post!