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    Proof That No One Loves Turtles More Than Kim Richards

    No one. NO. ONE. Is she a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills or a Herpetologist?

    Exhibit A:

    Exhibit B:

    Exhibit C:

    Exhibit D:

    Exhibit E:

    Exhibit F:

    Exhibit G:

    Exhibit H:

    Exhibit I:

    Exhibit J:

    Exhibit K:

    Exhibit L:

    Exhibit M:

    Exhibit N:

    Exhibit O:

    Exhibit P:

    Exhibit Q:

    Exhibit R:

    Exhibit S:

    Exhibit T:

    Exhibit U:

    Exhibit V:

    Exhibit W:

    Exhibit X:

    Exhibit Y:

    Exhibit Z: