Prince Joined Twitter And These Are His First Five Tweets

Welcome Prince AKA @3RDEYEGIRL.

1. The first tweet was just a test. Just dipping his toes in the water to make sure he was ready to jump all the way in.

2. The second tweet was META. REAAALLLLL meta.

3. The third tweet we started getting somewhere. Oh yeah. That’s a good tweet.

And yes, maybe it bit too much pepper???

4. Then he confirmed he was Prince by tweeting this pic:

5. Then he took a selfie. And we learned Prince is the smoke monster from LOST.

6. And then, after reading all of Prince’s tweets, you realized there is another Prince out there. The one that’s been tweeting for us this whole time.

7. Now we have two Princes.

8. I hope they can get along.

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