Prince Harry's 9 Most Controversial Moments

    The dashing Prince has gotten himself into quite a few scandalous situations.

    9. Seen playfully kissing a fellow soldier

    8. Drunken escapade

    7. Admitted to pot-smoking

    6. Brawled with the paparazzi

    5. Accused of cheating his way through school

    4. Accused of animal cruelty

    3. Accused of using racial slurs

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    A video taken in 2006 shows Harry and his fellow soldiers waiting to depart from an airport to go to training. Harry is narrating the scene when he makes a comment about one soldier in particular, calling him "our little Paki friend," which is a derogatory name for a Pakistani. Later in the video he playfully calls a soldier a "raghead." Harry publicly apologized for what he said and insisted it was not an intentionally malicious statement.

    2. Naked pictures in Vegas

    1. He wore a Nazi costume