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    Prince Harry's 9 Most Controversial Moments

    The dashing Prince has gotten himself into quite a few scandalous situations.

    9. Seen playfully kissing a fellow soldier

    In a video from 2009 Harry can be seen mouthing "I love you" to a friend and kissing and licking him on the face. Even though the photos are somewhat shocking (especially to the royals) gay rights activists commended Harry for his behavior, with one person stating "kissing a fellow soldier in public is a very liberal and clear gesture for somebody who is heterosexual...the world would be a much nicer place if all heterosexuals were like that."

    8. Drunken escapade

    This one is just another example of his partying ways, but when he was snapped wearing a bra and a wig while drinking a beer gathering of the secret uppercrust TT Society, it made headlines.

    7. Admitted to pot-smoking

    In 2002, when Harry was 17-years-old he admitted that he had been drinking underage (which was basically public knowledge), and also that he was doing drugs — specifically smoking marijuana. After he confessed to this, his father Prince Charles sent him to a rehab center where he stayed for a day and interacted with patients.

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    6. Brawled with the paparazzi

    In 2004, after coming out of a nightclub, Harry got into a fight with a photographer. Harry's reps say he was hit in the face with the camera and then lashed out, but the photographer says Harry was completely unprovoked in attacking him.

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    5. Accused of cheating his way through school

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    In 2005, a teacher at Eton College — where Harry went to school — claimed teachers helped him cheat his way through an A-level art course because he was such a poor student. One teacher was even accused of finishing artwork for Harry during a timed test. Both Harry and the teacher denied this was true, and maintain that Harry completed his artwork himself.

    4. Accused of animal cruelty

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    In 2010 during a polo match, it appeared that Prince Harry's horse was stabbed in the flank by his spears, causing the horse to bleed. Onlookers claimed that Harry kept riding the horse for the remainder of the match, which resulted in animal welfare groups calling Harry "heartless." A spokesperson for St. James Palace refuted that accusation and said as soon as the injury was spotted, Harry stopped playing.

    3. Accused of using racial slurs

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    A video taken in 2006 shows Harry and his fellow soldiers waiting to depart from an airport to go to training. Harry is narrating the scene when he makes a comment about one soldier in particular, calling him "our little Paki friend," which is a derogatory name for a Pakistani. Later in the video he playfully calls a soldier a "raghead." Harry publicly apologized for what he said and insisted it was not an intentionally malicious statement.

    2. Naked pictures in Vegas

    This just happened yesterday! Harry has been spotted partying in Vegas since last week, but then pics of him naked (and bear hugging another naked person) surfaced. He was said to be in his room playing strip-pool with some friends, when one friend decided to let some photos leak.

    1. He wore a Nazi costume

    At a friends costume party in 2005 Harry was photographed wearing a Nazi Uniform. I don't think I have to mention why this was controversial — he is wearing a freaking swastika around his arm. Almost immediately after the photos made their way around the entire world, Harry made a public apology: "I am very sorry if I caused any offence or embarrassment to anyone. It was a poor choice of costume and I apologize."