17 Polite Animals That Have Better Manners Than You

    Take note, humans, these animals graduated from the school of etiquette.

    1. This dog that makes sure to wipe his feet off before entering the house:

    2. This deer that knows to bow before his elders:

    3. This dog who knows to keep her legs crossed while in fancy company:

    4. This cat that knows it's impolite to eat with your hands:

    5. This dog that knows it's rude to not shake someone's hand hello:

    6. This bear that knows it's rude to not wave good-bye:

    7. And this cat that is just introducing himself to everyone in the room:

    8. This dog that politely waits to be let in...even if it's not necessary:

    9. And this pigeon that uses the designated pedestrian crosswalk:

    10. This cat that wants to make sure you have bookmarked your spot before interrupting you:

    11. This dog that patiently waited while his friend played in a puddle:

    12. This cat that calmly asks to be pet:

    13. And this one that politely tells you to stop:

    14. This dog that knows you are supposed to sit up straight at the dinner table:

    15. This sloth that bought you flowers just because he knew they'd brighten your day:

    16. This cat that is closing the bathroom door to spare you from smelling what he just dealt:

    17. And these crabs who know how to be neighborly: